WECSVL BYLAWS (2019-2020) (Revised 20/01/2020)

NAME: The club shall be known as the Windsor Essex County Senior Volleyball League.

PURPOSE: To provide a recreational opportunity for adults 50 and over to enjoy the game of volleyball and to provide advocacy for the promotion of the sport.

ORGANIZATION: Officers shall be president, past president, vice president, convenors, treasurer and councillors. Meetings will be held as required. There will be one general membership meeting at the conclusion of each year. It shall be the duty of the president to oversee the workings of the club in accordance with the bylaws. In the absence of the president, these duties shall be assumed by an officer assigned by the executive

TREASURER:  Shall record and deposit money from fees collected. The president will co-sign on the account. He/she shall pay the seasonal rent to the St. Clair Sportsplex Centre and pay all other costs as required by executive decision. The treasurer will submit report at all executive meetings and provide an annual report to the general membership.

MEMBERSHIP: On or before the season begins players must pay the required fee determined by the executive. Players must fill in and sign a completed registration/waiver form.

PLAYER DRAFT:  A committee, as determined by the executive, will draft the teams based on the number of players registered. Team members shall be drafted based on position and rank of player. A captain shall be appointed from each team. If players are not drafted they will be notified by a member of the committee and placed on a spare list.

REGULAR SEASON and PLAYOFF FORMAT:  The league’s standard templates for 5 or 6 team score sheets will be used.

Forfeiture:  Any team that has less than 4 players on the day of play officially forfeits. However, the team can avoid forfeiture, if the captain notifies the convener no later than noon the day prior to play, allowing the convener sufficient time to get enough league approved spares to bring the team up to 4 players. When the team has 4 approved players, it may pick up additional players from other teams. If a shortfall occurs during playoffs, the team will play with a maximum of 5 players, rotating without a loss of point.

Note: Players can spare only once per session. The Blue/Gold ball will be used for league and for playoff play.  Teams not playing will provide officials. ONLY Captains, can question the volunteer referees. A playoff day will conclude the season.

Playoff Rounds: – Higher seed will get the choice of serve, side or receive.

OPERATION: Our sponsor JohnMax will provide a Christmas and end of the season lunch, based on our sponsorship agreement. A general membership meeting will be held at the end of the year. The league shall maintain in reserve, sufficient funds to cover one half of the league’s annual expenses. Any surplus funds will be used to the benefit of the members as determined by the executive.

COST: Players must submit fees before the season begins. Tuesday and Thursday leagues: pay; $30.00 per session. (3 season format beginning in September 2020.) Please pay with a cheque only, if possible.

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